Insulin Pump

Insulin Pump: Is it right for you?

  • Are you currently using insulin to manage your diabetes?
  • Do you feel that your lifestyle has changed to accommodate diabetes?
  • Do your blood glucose levels go up and down like a yo-yo?

If this sounds familiar, an insulin pump may be right for you. Anyone with diabetes is eligible to use an insulin pump.

Type 1 diabetics use an insulin pump to deliver needed insulin. Type 2 diabetics are turning to insulin pumps to achieve tighter control on blood sugar and A1C levels. Your Adena physician can help you determine if an insulin pump is right for you and, if so, which pump will work best for your lifestyle.

An insulin pump is a small device that looks like a pager. It has a very small tube that is placed under the skin to deliver insulin to your body. The pump is programmed to deliver a continuous insulin, plus extra boluses of insulin when you eat. (to cover carbohydrates for meals and snacks). Using an insulin pump, you will still need to use finger sticks to check blood sugar levels.

Advantage of an insulin pump:

  • Do not have to take shots every day
  • Can improve A1C level
  • Less high and low swings in blood  sugar levels
  • Makes diabetes management easier for certain lifestyles
  • Allows exercise without having to eat large amounts of carbohydrates

Disadvantages of an insulin pump:

  • Insulin pumps have tubing that attaches the pump to your body. The pump portion needs to be kept close to the body at all times.
  • When using an insulin pump, connections need to be checked periodically to ensure that the insulin is going into your body.
  • Insulin pumps hold a limited amount of insulin. Higher insulin use may require moving the pump to a new site under the skin more often.
  • The cost of an insulin pump and supplies can be expensive. 

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