Pediatric Rehab: How We Work

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Our specialty center has been caring for kids for more than 15 years. Combined, our therapists have more than 40 years of experience in pediatric therapy services. Many of the kids we treat require more than one therapy discipline, so our therapists work together as a team to set goals and to determine a plan of care that targets your child’s specific needs. Plus, because we see your child on a regular basis, we can help your doctor identify potential issues sooner. We send updates to your child’s pediatrician and help coordinate referrals to other specialists as needed.

And if your child is working with two or three of our therapists, we work with you to make it as convenient as possible for you. We’re usually able to schedule therapy appointments back-to-back so that you only have to come one day a week. We also include parents in therapy sessions when appropriate.

A child typically works with each therapist for 30 minutes at a time, one day a week. Because of the diagnoses we see (such as developmental delays or lifelong conditions), children are typically enrolled in therapy for an extended period of time.

Our gym, which is specially designed for children, helps us facilitate therapy for young patients. Plus, for adolescents who need help with self-care and activities of daily living to be able to live independently when they reach adulthood, we have an individual treatment room that’s free of distractions. Our team works with patients on self-care skills such as toilet training, feeding skills, dressing, mobility training, language and communication, fine motor/visual perceptual skills, attention to task, following directions, sensory integration and academic skills. 

Our staff also offers assistance in selecting and ordering pediatric/youth adaptive equipment, including child-size walkers and wheelchairs, splints, and communication devices.

Talk to Your Doctor about a Referral

Do you think your child could benefit from occupational, speech or physical therapy? Please ask your doctor about a referral. 

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