Hospital Care for Kids

Caring for Kids: Pediatric care at Adena

Few things are more comforting to a sick kid than a familiar face. But when your child’s condition is beyond the treatment Dr. Mom can provide, it’s nice to know that the pediatricians you see for regular checkups and appointments at Adena Health System are the same friendly and knowledgeable physicians who will care for your child when admitted to the hospital.

The Pediatrics Unit at Adena Regional Medical Center is here to care for children with a wide range of medical conditions, including those undergoing same-day procedures. We provide pediatric care for:

  • RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), a common viral infection that can progress to bronchiolitis or pneumonia
  • Diabetes management
  • Asthma-related problems
  • ENT surgeries including tonsil and adenoid removal, and tubes in ears (myringotomy),
  • Post-op appendectomies

Adena Health System is also part of a pilot program for babies who are born addicted to opiates as a result of their mother’s drug use. 

Our pediatric nurses are knowledgeable regarding acute pediatric care and recognize the central role of the family. We support, respect and encourage the participation of the entire family in your child’s healthcare.

A Place Just for Kids

Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe has a Pediatrics Unit staffed with dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate pediatric nurses and pediatricians. Designed to ease your child’s anxieties so they can focus on healing, each room is equipped with a telephone, cable television and a special sleep chair just for mom or dad. A video game system, DVD players, and even iPads are also available to keep your little one occupied as they recover.

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