Hormone Therapy

How Hormone Therapy Works

If you have prostate cancer, your male sex hormones can cause the cancer to grow. That’s why suppressing these hormones might be a key part of your battle plan.

Androgens are a group of hormones responsible for giving men facial hair, deep voices and bulky physiques. But unfortunately, they also aggravate tumors in the prostate and make it difficult for you to get well.

Hormone therapy, also known as androgen suppression therapy, finds ways to eliminate male sex hormones or block them from reaching the prostate, where they can do damage.

The medical team at Adena Cancer Center will help you navigate the best route. A few common options are:

  • Drugs such as ketoconazole and aminoglutethimide stop adrenal glands from making androgens, hormones like testosterone that promote male sex characteristics.
  • Antiandrogens like flutamide and nilutamide block the action of androgens in the body.
  • Estrogens, hormones that promote female sex characteristics, halt the production of testosterone.
  • Orchiectomy, a surgical procedure to remove one or both testicles, is another way to limit unwanted hormones.


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