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Heart disease touches the life of nearly every American in one way or another. Maybe you have a heart condition, or maybe a loved one, friend or co-worker is battling heart disease.

The good news is that new and effective treatments are being developed all the time. Thanks to advancements in care, the rate of death from heart disease has dropped a whopping 31 percent over the past decade.

At the Adena Heart & Vascular Center, we are committed to helping the people throughout southern Ohio live healthier by providing proven treatment for the most common heart problems.

Heart Attacks

Adena specializes in treating heart attacks, particularly severe heart attacks known as STEMIs. In fact, Adena has been awarded the Bronze Performance Achievement Award from the American Heart Association through its “The Mission: Lifeline Recognition Program” for its efforts to improve quality of care for patients suffering severe heart attacks.

Adena’s door-to-balloon time, which measures the speed of delivering life-saving care to heart attack patients, is faster than the national average. But our care starts even before patients arrive at our door. The Appalachian Regional Commission recently provided a $250,000 grant that was used to equip Adena Regional Medical Center, Pike Community Hospital and area EMS squads with sophisticated technology that allows heart attacks to be diagnosed before the patient even reaches the hospital, providing the heart team with extra life-saving minutes. With this new capability, it’s especially important for people to call 9-1-1 in the case of a suspected heart attack rather than trying to drive to the hospital.

Heart Failure

Despite its name, heart failure is not a single event that ends a person’s life. Rather, heart failure is a chronic, or ongoing, condition that occurs when the heart muscle is too weak to beat effectively. Heart failure is one of the most common chronic diseases in America, accounting for one out of every 9 deaths, according to the American Heart Association.

Adena has developed a unique program that dramatically improves the care and well-being of patients with congestive heart failure. Our approach brings together the patient’s primary care physician, cardiologist and other medical specialists to develop a coordinated care plan that helps patients stay healthy and out of the hospital. A nurse navigator who helps coordinate care and communication works as a liaison between each patient and the care team, which also includes social workers, dietitians, and home care staff.

HealthGrades, an independent hospital quality rating organization, has awarded Adena its Five-Star Rating for Treatment of Heart Failure for five years in a row (2009 - 2013).

Angina and Heart Failure Relief

The Adena Sleep Center provides a procedure, called external counterpulstation (or ECP) that provides relief from angina without surgery or medication. ECP uses cuffs, similar to those used for blood pressure readings, to gently push fresh, oxygenated air to the coronary arteries.

This therapy is used for patients with angina and congestive heart failure who have not improved with surgery or medicines. It’s also used with patients who cannot have bypass surgery or implanted stents.

Patients who have received ECP are very happy with the results. “I feel so much better and consider this treatment to be a true miracle for me,” says one patient. “Before, I felt like I was waiting to die…Now I’m waiting to live.”

ECP treatments require a physician referral. Patients come into the sleep center for 35 one-hour treatments over the course of seven weeks. For more information, call 740-779-7286.

Rhythm Problems

Heart rhythm disorders, called arrhythmias, are problems that affect the electrical system that makes the heart beat to push blood in and out of the lungs and through the body. Heart arrhythmias are very common and nearly everyone will experience an abnormal heart rhythm some time during their lives. Most are not serious.

If an arrhythmia is problematic, it can be treated in a number of ways. The first step is to have the heart’s electrical system mapped by doctors who specialize in arrhythmias. These physicians are called electrophysiologists. Once doctors know the problem, many arrhythmias can be successful treated with medications.

Other treatments provided by Adena include:

Cardiac Ablation
In this procedure, thin tubes called catheters are guided via x-ray through the blood vessels to the heart. A burst of radiofrequency energy is then supplied, destroying minute areas of tissue that are causing the problematic electrical signals.

Electronic Devices
Pacemakers and implanted defibrillators deliver a controlled electric shock to the heart, putting it back into normal rhythm.


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