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Adena's Free Health Risk Assessments

The first step to preventing health issues is knowing your level of risk. Take our free health risk assessments! They each take only about five minutes and you'll receive customized risk profiles and personalized tips to improve your health.

Did you know that your heart might be younger - or older - than your actual age? Our Hearth Health Risk Assessment will tell you the age of your heart, your 10-year cardiovascular risk and your risk factors for heart disease.

Men who take this risk assessment can calculate their risk of developing the second most common cancer in males in the United States and learn about their personal and genetic factors.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. With our Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, women can calculate their risk of breast cancer and learn about their risk factors.

Breathe easy and take our Lung Cancer Risk Assessment. You'll identify your lung cancer risk factors and find out if screening is recommended for you.

Take our Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment and get an estimate of  your lifetime risk of developing colon and rectal cancer. You will also learn about screening options and necessary guidelines.

Take our Back & Neck Risk Assessment and assess how spine pain impacts your daily activities. And see what factors may play a role in your spine pain.

Take our Knee & Hip Risk Assessment to quantify how joint pain is affecting your quality of life and assess how well your knee or hip joints are functioning.


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