Preventing Injury on the Job

In workplaces ranging from offices to construction sites and everywhere in between, musculoskeletal injuries make up a large portion of worker injury complaints. That’s why ergonomics is so important.

A poorly designed workspace, repetitive movements or bad posture can cause stress, pain and injury over time. Ergonomics can help you treat current injuries and — most importantly — prevent future damage.

The importance of ergonomics extends to every type of industry, not just those that involve obvious, active and repetitive movements. Some examples of necessary ergonomic changes to your workplace might include:

  • Adjusting a computer keyboard to prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Learning the proper way to lift heavy objects in order to prevent back injury
  • Making sure your desk chair is suited to your particular height and posture
  • Making sure vibrations from power tools don’t cause long-term injury

When products in the workplace are ergonomically designed with workers’ safety and comfort in mind, they reduce stress and damage to the body. And they increase workers’ productivity while minimizing fatigue, discomfort and the potential for mistakes.  

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