CT Scans

What is a CT Scan?

A CT scan, also sometimes referred to as a “Cat Scan,” is a computerized tomography scan that combines a series of x-ray images shot from various angles around the body. The scan uses computer processing to show cross-sectional images (kind of like “slices”) of the bones, blood vessels and other soft tissues inside the body. A CT scan generally offers more detailed information than a regular x-ray does.

Common reasons that your Adena Health primary care physician would order a CT scan include:

  • Diagnosing muscle and bone disorders, including bone tumors or fractures.
  • Precisely determine the location of an infection, tumor or blood clot.
  • Guiding certain internal procedures like surgery, biopsy or radiation therapy.
  • Monitoring how cell certain treatments are going, including for conditions like cancer, heart disease, lung nodules or liver masses.
  • Finding internal injuries or internal bleeding.

What to Expect During and After a CT Scan

CT scans are considered fairly routine, but there are still a few things you should know ahead of time to prepare yourself for the procedure. In some cases, patients may be given contrast liquid to illuminate certain types of tissue in the body for clarity. The CT scan itself is shaped like a large donut on its side, and you lie on a narrow table that goes into the hole. To help you stay in position, pillows and straps may be used, as well as a special cradle-like device to keep your head in place. Once inside the tube, detectors and the x-ray tubes rotate around the get the different sliced angled images. You are likely to hear a whirring sound while inside the tube. You can communicate with the supervising technologist while in the tube, and he or she may give you certain instructions during the procedure.

Once the scan is over you can usually go back to your regular routine – if you were given contrast liquid, you may or may not be asked to stay for a short amount of time just to make sure you’re feeling okay after the exam. You’ll also be instructed to consume a lot of liquids to make sure the contrast liquid leaves your body in a timely manner.

CT Scan Services at Adena Health System

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