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The Adena Sleep Center is on the cutting-edge of technology and procedures dedicated to helping patients get a good-night’s rest. One such procedure, a PAP-NAP, allows you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a qualified sleep technologist to initiate or improve your tolerance of CPAP therapy. CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, is one of the most common treatments for sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea. During CPAP therapy, you wear a mask attached by a tube to a machine that creates mild air pressure to prevent your airway from collapsing.

During a PAP-NAP at the Adena Sleep Center, you are given the opportunity to try out various masks and to use the CPAP at a low air pressure. We also can address any questions or concerns associated with using CPAP.

Frequently asked questions about PAP-NAP

Q: Is the PAP-NAP procedure during the day or night?
A: PAP-NAP procedures are held during the day. This gives you the opportunity to work with one of our sleep technologists, which will help you get adjusted to CPAP therapy.

Q: What does the test consist of?
A: The sleep technologist will explain the different masks available and let you choose the mask that best fits your needs. A few lead wires and belts will be attached to help the technologist monitor you during the procedure.

Q: How long does a PAP-NAP last?
A: Please allow at least three to four hours for instruction, demonstration, set up, and usage. We will take the time that is needed to make you comfortable using the CPAP machine.

Q: Do I have to sleep during the procedure?
A: No, sleep is not necessary. If you can fall asleep, that’s great. If not, it is still OK. We simply want you to concentrate on using the mask and machine.

Q: Do I need to limit caffeine prior to the procedure?
A: It’s not mandatory; however, if you are tired, you may be able to relax or fall asleep easier while using CPAP at the lab.

Q: What about medications?
A: Take your medication as you normally do each day. Medication usage will not affect the outcome of the procedure.

Q: What happens after the test?
A: The sleep physician will review your study to determine if further testing is needed. If it is, we will contact you to schedule the testing. In some cases, the physician may complete an order for CPAP machine to be used at home. Once the sleep center has received this order, it will be sent to Adena Home Care or a home care company of your choosing. The home care company will contact you and arrange for your CPAP unit to be set up in your home. Please remember this entire process may take several weeks to complete.

The Adena Sleep Center is here to help you get a better night's rest. Request an appointment online or call the Adena Sleep Center in Chillicothe at 740-779-7286.*

*Please note: In some cases, your insurance company may require a physician referral for an appointment. For instance, sleep studies always require a physician referral.


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