Head injuries and brain health have become topics of much discussion recently for athletes of all ages and experience levels. Protecting our brain health is very important and something we, as an organization, take very seriously. One of the ways we do this is to provide pre-season baseline testing for athletes and their family members. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Program:

“Baseline tests are used to assess an athlete’s balance and brain function…, as well as for the presence of any concussion symptoms. Results from baseline tests (or pre-injury tests) can be used and compared to a similar exam conducted by a health care professional during the season if an athlete has a suspected concussion.”

Additionally, the 5th International Consensus Statement on Sports Concussions, the NCAA, and the National Athletic Trainers Association, among others, recommend that head injury baseline assessments include a balance assessment, cognitive function test and a collection of symptoms.

Adena Bone and Joint participates in a new suite of tests called ClearEdge to baseline test our athletes, as well as any family members who might be interested. ClearEdge provides healthcare professionals a toolkit of cognitive and balance tests, as well as symptoms and medical history questionnaires. It is the most reliable test on the market. Even if you’re not a youth athlete, regular tests like these can be a way to monitor brain health over time. ClearEdge DANA cognitive tests, for example, have been used as a screen for ADHD, dementia, post-traumatic brain disorder and depression.

For more information please see:  

If you and/or your child(ren) would like to participate, please register on the ClearEdge web portal through the following link:

The test will take approximately twenty minutes and will include

  • A brief symptoms questionnaire
  • A series of four cognitive tests
  • Eight 30-second balance tests (tests are performed without shoes)

What to do before the baseline test day:

  1. Register for test at
  2. Sign up for your time slot on signup genius:
  3. Get plenty of rest.
  4. Show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time
  5. Call with any questions: 740-779-8943

In case of head injury 

  • Be evaluated by medical professional urgently to rule out complications beyond a concussion. Adena Health System has emergency room doctors experienced in evaluating head injuries.
  • ClearEdge post-test should be done after resolution of symptoms (available at any ClearEdge testing site). This will ensure adequate return to baseline. If patient “fails” post-test then continue concussion protocol and return in 72 hours for repeat test. If patient “passes,” then this will be among the factors physicians will take into account to make a return to activity decision.
  • If no pretest, a “reverse baseline” can still be done during initial injury and then a follow up test will be conducted at a later time after symptoms resolve to monitor concussion resolution.
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