Choosing an Obstetrician

Choosing Your Obstetrician

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There are many factors that will impact your decision for finding an obstetrician. Download our checklist of things to think about when choosing an obstetrician who will be right for you.

  • Does s/he accept my insurance? First, you’ll need to find an obstetrician who is part of your insurance network. Most insurance companies provide a list (or you can do a search on their website) of doctors in your area who are part of the network.
  • Does s/he have privileges at Adena to deliver babies? Many obstetricians practice at multiple hospitals in the area, so you’ll want to choose a hospital and then look for an obstetrician who practices there. If you do not have a hospital preference, you may want to choose your obstetrician first and talk to him/her about which is right for you.
  • How long is my commute? During your pregnancy, you will visit your obstetrician’s office on a frequent basis. As you get further along in your pregnancy, the visits will increase in frequency until you are seeing your doctor on a weekly basis. You may want to find a doctor whose practice is easy to get to from home or from the office, if you plan to work throughout your pregnancy.
  • How long has this obstetrician been practicing? Do you prefer a doctor who has more years of experience or one who may be more up to date with the latest and greatest techniques and technology? Is the doctor “board-certified,” which means the doctor is routinely tested and evaluated by colleagues to maintain expertise in their specialty.
  • Are we on the same page? Last, but not least, you should interview your doctor about issues that are important to you. For example, if you feel strongly about the use of medication during your delivery, you should be sure your doctor is in agreement with your choices. In addition, be sure that your doctor’s demeanor is comfortable for you.
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