Comprehensive Cancer Care

A Network of Care for Cancer Patients and Their Families

To learn more about the Adena Cancer Care Center or to request an appointment, please call 740-542-3030.

Fighting cancer requires a team — expert physicians, nurses, caregivers, a patient navigator and more. When you’re undergoing cancer treatment, there are additional team members available to you.

Nutrition Services — Chemotherapy medications can leave patients feeling nauseated, and some treatments, such as those for head and neck cancer, can diminish a person’s ability to taste or enjoy food. With a limited appetite, it can be hard to get enough calories to keep your strength up. A dietitian is at the Adena Cancer Center one day a week to meet with patients while they are undergoing chemotherapy and help them refine their diets to ease nausea and make sure they are getting the nutrition they need.

Social Services — The effects of cancer treatment go beyond the physical effect on your body. Adena’s social worker can connect patients with additional social services or resources in the community. A social worker also can talk with patients and their family members and caregivers to address any confusion or help soothe anxieties.

Financial Counseling — The financial burdens of a cancer diagnosis can weigh on patients and their families. An Adena financial counselor can help patients understand their insurance coverage and find additional financial resources to cover the cost of treatment.

Rehabilitation Services — Patients needing rehab services are referred to Adedna Rehabilitation ServicesPatients with lymphedema, which is a swelling in the arms or legs commonly caused by the damage to the lymph nodes during treatment, may need rehab services, and patients recovering from treatment for head and neck cancer may be referred to speech therapy.

Pain Management — Some cancer therapies can cause pain in some patients. In fact, the Mayo Clinic reports that one person out of three undergoing treatment experiences pain. And if the cancer is advanced, the greater the likelihood of pain. The Adena Pain Management experts can help patients struggling with pain caused by treatment or the cancer itself.

Adena Hospice — With a focus on palliative and supportive care for you during a terminal illness and bereavement period, Adena Hospice allows patients to receive care at home whether they live in a traditional home or a contracted nursing facility.

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