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Choosing Your Breast Cancer Treatment

Every woman is different, and breast cancer is a very personal experience. Treatment is about eradicating the cancer as well as about your lifestyle and your choices.

Some cancers have one clear treatment option. But depending on the type and stage of your cancer (or how advanced it is), there may be more than one effective way to treat the cancer. And that choice is yours.

At the Adena Cancer Center, each patient will meet with the members of Adena’s cancer team to develop a personalized plan of care including:

Breast Cancer Patient Navigator: A registered nurse who assists each patient through every step of the diagnostic and treatment process. The patient navigator schedules appointments, coordinates care, answers questions, and consults with team members to serve as a single point of contact.

Surgeon: Reviews the diagnosis and possible surgical treatment options, such as: 

° Lumpectomy: the removal of the breast lump and possibly lymph nodes under the arm 

° Modified Radical Mastectomy: the removal of the breast and lymph nodes 

° Breast Reconstruction Options: rebuilding the breast after a mastectomy

Medical Oncologist: Reviews possible treatment options, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy and genetic counseling.

Radiation Oncologist: Provides patients with information about radiation treatment options.

ACS Reach To Recovery Volunteer: As an additional resources available through the clinic, the American Cancer Society reach to recovery volunteer is a breast cancer survivor who understands what the patient is about to experience, and offers compassionate support and comfort. Volunteers are only available on specific days of the week.

Some women, for example, may have a choice between a surgery to remove the lump (called a lumpectomy) and radiation and chemotherapy. In other cases, women could choose to surgically remove the entire breast (called a mastectomy), or they may choose a lumpectomy followed by radiation or chemotherapy.

When you meet with your care team, your oncologists will explain the options as well as the benefits and risks of each treatment plan. Then, you can make the choice that’s right for you. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is it important to me to preserve as much breast tissue as possible?
  • Can I tolerate the potential side effects of radiation or chemotherapy?
  • Do I have a genetic risk?
  • How easy is it for me to get to the hospital for regular radiation or chemotherapy appointments?

Whatever your decision, your Adena team will not only stand by you but we’ll make sure you have the ongoing information and support you need to achieve the best possible outcome. Our patient navigator will help you understand each step in the process, help you schedule appointments, and help you access support services through Adena and your community.

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