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The American Cancer Society recommends that women with normal risk for breast cancer start getting annual mammograms at age 40. You should talk with your doctor about your personal risk factors.

We offer mammograms at Adena Regional Medical CenterAdena Fayette Medical CenterAdena Health Center - Western Avenue in Chillicothe, Adena Health Center - Jackson, Adena Health Center - Waverly and Adena Greenfield Medical Center.

A mammogram is one of the best ways to catch breast cancer in its earliest stages when it is most treatable. In fact, a 2011 study showed that mammograms reduced breast cancer deaths by 30 percent.

Adena offers digital mammograms at six locations, giving our patients the fastest and most accurate results possible. Mammograms are pictures of the breasts that can detect a lump before you feel it. Along with lumps, mammograms can show clusters of calcium, called micro-calcifications, which can indicate cancerous or precancerous cells and other conditions.

During a traditional mammogram, X-rays are used to produce a picture of the breasts on film. Digital mammograms work similarly; however, they take a digital picture that can be stored and analyzed on a computer.

Adena is proud to offer digital mammograms, a state-of-the-art process that is proven to be better than traditional mammograms for some women for these reasons:

  1. Accuracy. Studies show that digital mammograms appear to provide greater accuracy for younger women and those with dense breasts.
  2. Image manipulation. The images can be manipulated digitally to create a picture that is clearer and easier to interpret than traditional mammograms.
  3. Lower radiation. Digital mammograms use about a quarter less radiation, on average, than film.
  4. Second opinions. Multiple healthcare providers can analyze your digital mammogram because it can be sent electronically.
  5. Computer analysis. Digital mammograms can be read by special computer programs that search for suspicious findings.

Research shows that digital mammograms are superior to film mammograms for women under 50, women with dense breasts and women who have not gone through menopause or who have been in menopause for less than a year.

At Adena, all screening and diagnostic mammography imaging is performed in the mammography area of the Radiology department.

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