Pre-Admission Surgery Testing

Tests before your surgery, referred to as pre-admission testing, is a necessary step in ensuring your health and safety before you undergo any surgical procedure. Below are common questions and answers about pre-admission testing at Adena Regional Medial Center.

When is pre-admission testing done?

Pre-admission testing is typically conducted within 30 days leading up to surgery, with an optimal testing time between two and four weeks prior to surgery to allow adequate time for results.

What does pre-admission testing involve?

A pre-admission session involves answering a series of questions and tests to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions, drug counteractions, or physical complications before, during, and after the surgical process. Blood tests also may be conducted for certain patients and surgical procedures. This allows the transfusion service to prepare a unit of blood, should one be needed, before surgery. Additional testing, such as chest X-rays and an EKG, also may be conducted during the appointment. Patients should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their appointment and allow at least 1 hour for the testing.

The pre-admission testing is also a time for you to address any concerns you may have and discuss specific alterations to your current drug regimen and changes in prescriptions that may be necessary in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

How do I schedule pre-admission testing and where is it located?

The surgical team at Adena Regional Medical Center is dedicated to ensuring patient safety and an excellent outcome with every procedure performed.

The office staff of your primary surgeon or physician will typically schedule your pre-admission testing when they schedule your surgery.

Pre-admission testing at Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe, Ohio,  is located in the Medical Office Building. Valet parking is available. 

Should I have someone drive me?

Pre-admission testing does not require you to have a driver. However, if you are arriving from a nursing home, have a power of attorney (POA) responsible for signing documents for you, or if you are unable to answer questions, someone else (POA if appropriate) should accompany you to the testing.

 For more information about pre-admission testing, call 740-779-7050.

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