Heart Disease and Depression

Heart Disease and Depression: A Normal Combination

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It’s common to feel a wide range of emotions after suffering from a heart attack – everything from fear and anger to fatigue and depression. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, people who have suffered a heart attack are three times more likely to experience major depression. It’s common in heart attack patients because major life stressors are a main cause of depression, but it’s also extremely dangerous because it can increase the risk of another heart attack. So how can you tell if what you’re feeling is depression? Take our depression quiz:

  • I frequently have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or I sleep too much
  • I frequently have low energy or feel fatigued
  • My appetite has changed significantly. I have noticeably gained or lost weight without intention
  • I frequently have difficulty staying focused
  • I’ve recently lost interest in things that I used to enjoy doing
  • I often have feelings of guilt or hopelessness with no end in sight
  • I have thought a lot about death and/or suicide
  • I frequently feel restless, anxious or irritable
  • I have frequent unexplained headaches, stomach pains, or muscle aches or tension

Adena Cardiology works with physicians and staff from Adena Behavioral Health Services to treat patients with depression. We offer both inpatient and outpatient services and our expert team consists of a variety of doctors, psychologists, nurses, counselors, mental health technicians and therapists to offer the best care and treatment for our patients.

Talk to your doctor or cardiologist about depression, or call Adena Behavioral Health Services at 740-779-4888.

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