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Matthew Santiago, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Phone Number:
(740) 779-4598
Fax Number:
(740) 779-4599

Additional Information

Medical School
New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ
Temple University Hospital/Moss Rehab, Philadelphia, PA
Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians


Born and raised in  New York City, Dr. Matthew Santiago is eager to step away  from the hustle and bustle of  big city life and join the experts of the Adena Spine Center.

Being the first physician in his family, Dr. Santiago first enrolled as a student with a focus in art and design. It wasn’t until volunteering for the Emergency Medical Services as an EMT he fell in love with the idea of pursuing a career in medicine.

“As an EMT I was trained in CPR and other basic life support technics,” said Dr. Santiago. “I realized I loved medical science and the joy I got from helping people pushed me to go the route I did.”

Before earning his medical degree though, Dr. Santiago received his Bachelors  in psychology, which he says has greatly impacted his care. “Having a psychology background makes my care unique because I am a better listener,” he said. “It also affects the way I interact with patients and allows me to better understand their needs.”  

He went to graduate  from the New Jersey Medical School and completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. After completing his residency, he went on to  his spine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, where he learned non-surgical approaches to treat spine, neck and back issues including physical therapy technics, medications and spine interventions. Dr. Santiago decided to specialize in spine care because he enjoys solving the puzzle and figuring out why patients are experiencing the pain or discomfort that they are and helping them function again.

“While I was completing my fellowship I ended up falling in love with Ohio,” said Dr. Santiago. “I liked the idea of going someplace that needed my services more than just being another name and another body.”

During his time in medical school, Dr. Santiago also volunteered as a medical student in the Dominican Republic setting up small clinics and providing basic medical care to those in need.

“Being a doctor is a very humbling experience,” he added. “There is an inherit trust that patients have in you to help them and its those moments that make going to work so rewarding. Coming from an area with a low socio-economical background, I can relate to many patients here in Appalachia. By coming to Adena, I hope to serve more patients and have a greater impact on the community.”

When he is not caring for patients, Dr. Santiago enjoys spending time with his wife and four year old, listening to live music, hiking and traveling internationally.