Services & Specialties February 10, 2014

Adena Family Medicine - Waverly Receives National Designation

Adena Family Medicine – Waverly recently became the only practice in south central, southern and southeastern Ohio to achieve National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition for its Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiative. The NCQA designation assures patients that the office is following national standards for providing quality care to its patients.

“It sets us apart,” said Dr. H. Takaji Kittaka, Jr., Adena’s Chief Transformational Officer and leader of the Waverly PCMH pilot program. “Achieving a NCQA designation tells our patients that they can be assured that a national body has reviewed our program, and it has determined we can offer them unparalleled, quality care.”

The NCQA review process also looks at the patient experience, making sure patients have access to care, and that the team is doing everything they can to provide the most centered care possible. In addition to more comprehensive, team care for patients, another benefit of an NCQA designation is better pricing for patients covered by some insurance companies, and increased reimbursement for providers and hospitals.

The Waverly PCMH pilot began in early 2011. Starting from scratch, Dr. Kittaka credits the entire team with the program’s success.  “We’re excited and very proud of what has been accomplished,” he said. “This has truly been a team effort. It’s not a physician-led initiative, or a patient-led initiative. It’s not the nurse navigator doing it all. Everyone has been really engaged and we have made a difference in the care we are providing to our patients.”

Over the past year, what was learned through the Waverly pilot has been implemented in all of Adena’s primary care offices, which are expected to apply for NCQA designation by Sept. 1, 2014. 

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