Services & Specialties June 04, 2013

Adena Listens to Patients: New Bills Give More Detail

Adena Health System has changed hospital billing statements to give patients itemized detail of charges for services. Recognizing the statements have been a common source of frustration for our patients, the new bills are being utilized immediately.

“This is what our patients have been asking for,” said Adena President and CEO Mark Shuter. “With itemized billing, we expect more accurate billing all of the time. In addition, patients can now see exactly for what they are being charged.”

Previously, Adena statements simply showed the total amount due and listed payment options such as cash, check or credit card. With the former statement, recipients often had questions about their charges.

The new bill offers an itemized summary list of charges, includes dates of service, and the total charge for the visit or hospital stay. Adena anticipates with the itemized statement, patients will have fewer billing questions and will be more likely to make prompt payment, resulting in fewer accounts going to collections.