Services & Specialties December 15, 2012

Adena Cancer Center Offering MammoSite® Radiation Therapy

An innovative procedure to treat breast cancer is now available at the Adena Cancer Center. MammoSite® is a 5-day, targeted radiation therapy option that works from inside the breast.

The treatment is completed in just five days, rather than five to seven weeks. The radiation therapy targets the area where cancer is most likely to recur, spares healthy tissue and organs from the effects of radiation.

“Instead of the traditional 30 treatments, this technology allows the patient to complete their radiation treatments in less than one week,” said Adena Radiation Oncologist Dr. David Adam Jones. “Patients receive two treatments, six hours apart for five days. This short-term, targeted radiation option fits into the lifestyle of many people.”

MammoSite therapy is most effective for patients with early-stage breast cancer (Stages 0, 1 or 2) and has the same survival outcomes as a mastectomy. The Radiation Oncologist develops a treatment plan and prepares the patient for therapy.

With MammoSite therapy, the patient’s surgeon inserts a small balloon in the space once occupied by the cancerous lump. During each treatment, the radiation oncologist inserts a tiny source of radiation, called a "seed" into the MammoSite balloon and therapeutic radiation is delivered to the area surrounding the lumpectomy cavity. After each radiation treatment, the "seed" is removed.

Clinical studies of MammoSite therapy have shown it to be well-tolerated with mild side effects that generally last for a short period of time. The therapy is covered by Medicare and most private insurers.

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