Services & Specialties November 05, 2013

Adena Offers Life-saving Lung Cancer Screening

Adena Health System is offering lung cancer screenings for patients most at risk for the number one killer of all cancer patients. Free screenings are available to those who qualify through Apr. 30, 2014.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, one-in-four of those living in Ross County are smokers. “In our region, lung cancer is very prevalent,” said Dr. Haval Saadlla of Adena Pulmonology, Critical Care and Sleep Associates. “There’s not a week that goes by when we don’t diagnose cases of lung cancer, and some patients are young, less than 50 years old.”

Lung cancer screening is a simple, painless, low dose CT chest scan. With early screening and detection, those in the screening population who are without symptoms, have a lung cancer survival rate of up to 80 percent.

“Lung cancer screening is actually a better screen than mammography, colonoscopy, and prostate exams,” said Dr. Jeffery VanDeusen, medical director for Adena Cancer Center.  “It’s the best screen we have, and we want people to understand how important it is to do this screening.”

Patients who benefit most from lung cancer screening are: those between the ages of 55-74; quit smoking fewer than 15 years ago; and have 30 “pack years” of smoking in their recent or distant past. A “pack year” is calculated by taking the number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day and multiplying it by the number of years the person smoked. Therefore, a two-pack a day smoker, who smoked for 15 years is considered a 30-pack year smoker and should be tested.

It’s expected that in the first year, lung cancer will be discovered in about two percent of those screened. “While that may not seem like much in the first year, if you look down the road 15 years, almost one-in-three of those screened will be potentially diagnosed with lung cancer,” added Dr. VanDeusen. “But we will find those lung cancers earlier, while there is still a very high cure rate. So it is very important that those in the targeted population be screened and continue to be tested each year. 

People interested in having a lung cancer screening may call (740) 542-LUNG (5864).

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