Community News August 23, 2018

Five Caregivers for the Nurse of the Year Awards

Adena Health System is excited to have five of its caregivers up for the 2018 Ohio Nurse of the Year Awards in their respective areas. 

The March of Dimes’ Nurse of the Year Awards is a state-wide event that brings together the health care community to recognize nursing excellence and achievements in research, education, quality patient care, innovation and leadership. Eighteen awards will be presented to the most outstanding nurse within each category.

Our nominated finalists are: 

Case Management/Managed Care

Ashley Swiger, Nurse Case Manager  

Nurses actively engaged in the professional practice of case management in any health care setting. Nurses who perform clinical assessments and/or advocates for appropriate patient admissions to specialty units/programs. 




Critical Care

Kayleigh Roberts, 2 NE Staff RN

Includes all nurses working in adult, pediatric and neonatal critical care and intermediate care units whose care and engagement consistently demonstrates excellence in critical care nursing



Hospice Palliative Care

Cynthia Roe, Hospice Charge Nurse

Nursing in inpatient/outpatient hospice settings and palliative care






Nursing Student of the Year Graduate Level

Lee Holdren, 3B Staff RN

Licensed nursing students that are participating in a graduate level program.






Rising Star

Jennifer Mace, 3A Staff RN

Nurses who at the time of the nomination have no more than three years of practice, and exemplify outstanding patient care, leadership and professionalism.


Nurses are first nominated by peers, nurse managers, supervisors or even the families they have impacted. Each nurse is then asked to submit an application to be considered. Each application is carefully reviewed and scored by a committee of Chief Nursing Officers and other nurse leaders from the health care community.

Finalists are invited to the awards ceremony, Friday, November 2, where the winners will be announced. 

Congratulations to our finalists and look for special AdenaNet profiles coming soon on each of our finalists highlighting their exception care which led to their nominations.