Adena Physicians & Staff July 02, 2018

Emergency Medicine Resident to Stay With Adena

Dr. Joshua Bowers, a recent graduate of Adena’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program, will begin his professional career at Adena Regional Medical Center (ARMC), as a physician with the Schumacher Group. Dr. Bowers becomes the program’s third Emergency Medicine resident to commit to stay at Adena following their residency. He joins Dr. Benjamin Trotter (2016) and Dr. Nisha Haque Budi (2017).  

Dr. Bowers’ decision to practice at Adena is the culmination of what the Health System envisioned when beginning the GME Program began in 2012. The intent is tokeep talented providers who have trained in our region to continue practicing locally. 

Major contributors in Dr. Bowers’ decision to stay with Adena came from the opportunities he had while participating in Adena’s Residency Program, and while working in the Emergency Department. 

“I have enjoyed my experience working in the Emergency Department; and working with leadership, Administration and residency faculty,” he said. “The providers at Adena made it a priority that I received the best hands-on learning experience. They truly wanted me to succeed. Adena has the benefit of being a small, close-knit community, while also offering high quality education and research opportunities that you typically find in larger learning institutions. I have loved my time here, and that’s why I have chosen to stay.”

Dr. Bowers served as Junior Chief Resident during his residency, allowing him to build relationships with medical students. He also helped facilitate some educational programing and looks forward to being a mentor to future residents. 

“I was eager to come to Adena to do my residency, because at that time, the program was still new,” he said. “I wanted to have the opportunity to take on more of a leadership role and to be involved in building the program. This is another reason why I have chosen to practice here.” 

“Dr. Bowers has been a superstar, both academically and clinically,” said Emergency Medicine Residency Program Coordinator Dr. Michael Pallaci. “He is a phenomenal resident who is ready to become a phenomenal doctor. We are proud and excited to be able to keep as part of our family of caregivers. Our residents, students and most importantly our patients will be blessed to have him as an attending emergency physician at Adena.”

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