Adena Health Focus July 11, 2017

Adena Bone & Joint Hosts International Surgeons

Adena Bone & Joint Center (ABJC) Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brian Cohen recently hosted four German orthopedic surgeons, and two German representatives of Arthrex, a major orthopedic device supplier.

The group was in Chillicothe to gain insight into Dr. Cohen’s techniques for shoulder surgeries - watching and learning during 16 procedures. The surgeons, all practicing for several years, were happy for the opportunity to learn new techniques that they plan to take back to their hospitals and clinics in Berlin and Munich.

“We want to see the experience of Dr. Cohen and compare to our experience,” said Dr. Olaf Loreach, a Berlin-based orthopedic surgeon in private practice. “It’s pretty much the same surgery of course. But there is always a small difference, which you can learn. Small hints you may use to improve in your own practice.”

ABJC hosts visiting surgeons about once or twice a month at Adena Regional Medical Center, with most visitors being from the U.S. Though international visitors, like this group, visit as well. Most are from Europe, though some have visited from as far away as New Zealand. A recent change is now enabling visiting surgeons to get a better, up-close view of what’s going on in the operating room.

“As long as they are credentialed appropriately, they can scrub-in to observe and get a closer view,” said Dr. Cohen. “Working on the shoulder, like a hip, is like working within a hole – as opposed to the knee, where the incision is wide open. So working within that hole, we found observers were missing some of the nuances of the surgery that you don’t really get when you are two rows back. They like to be up in the fray and see what’s going on.”

Before flying home to Germany, the group was headed to Chicago for a few days to also learn from Dr. Tony Romeo, Dr. Cohen’s former professor and mentor.

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