CEO Corner June 29, 2018

CEO Update

Dear Neighbor,

I was excited to return to Adena and the region in late 2017. Since then, I have heard from many of you. The two items mentioned every time were the need to fix billing, and to do something about the time people spend waiting in the Emergency Department.

I’m pleased to say, we will soon open a first-class Emergency Department (ED) in Chillicothe that will be three times larger than the old one. It will also feature more than 60 patient care areas, double our previous number. A larger facility, with a more efficient design, will get patients into a room, treated, and on their way faster. Beyond the actual facility, we have also been changing processes behind the scenes to keep patients moving; and to eliminate much of the waiting room back log.  

In summer 2017, we began holding daily ED Focus Huddles. I, and other leaders attend these meetings each day with Emergency Department staff and representatives of the departments that interact with the ED throughout the day. These huddles are focused on processes within the ED that are working well, and any barriers that are impacting a patient’s treatment time. This daily interaction, between all parties involved, is resulting in more efficient processes, better service to our patients and faster cycle times.

The request to fix billing was also one that I took to heart. After years of trying to patch-up the problem piece by piece, we have delved in to fix the entire revenue cycle process at once. This includes making improvements at every step of the process - beginning at registration and all the way to when we send a statement. This large-scale project will take some time to complete – but once it is done, I am confident patients will see a dramatic, positive difference.

Finally, I am a strong proponent of every patient having close-to-home access to the highest quality care. Unless absolutely necessary, no person in our region should have to travel more than a few miles to receive quality health care and treatment. In late 2017, Adena became the first in the region to offer robot-assisted orthopedic surgery, and we upgraded and added the newest technology to our daVinci® surgery robot-assisted system.

Adena Health System reached many new milestones in 2017. Just a few include: performing our 1,000thopen heart surgery and 2,000throbot-assisted surgery; being recognized as a Top 50 Cardiovascular Heart Hospital; becoming the only four-star rated hospital in the region; along with our caregivers providing a record number of hours volunteering and mentoring our community’s youth. Please take some time on where you will learn about these achievements and much more. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Adena and its positive impact on the health of our community.


Jeff Graham, President & CEO

Adena Health System