Adena Physicians & Staff August 05, 2016

Adena Cancer Center Receives Full, Three-year Accreditation

The care and treatment by the highly-trained experts at the Adena Cancer Center rivals that of large centers throughout Ohio. Patients receiving treatment at Adena are cared for by dedicated medical professionals who are always offering new techniques, the latest technology and world-class care close to home.

Recently, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Commission on Cancer (CoC) granted the Adena Cancer Center a three-year, full accreditation. The status recognizes Adena among the nation’s best facilities for improving survival and quality of life for cancer patients, using cancer prevention, research, education, and comprehensive, quality care.

“The goal of this accreditation is to have a level playing field regarding the clinical and treatment expectations for anyone in the nation who receives cancer care,” explained Adena Radiation Oncology Dr. Gregory Thompson. “The Commission looks at quality, service, clinical metrics, research, survivorship, education and community needs It’s a framework to help guide our Cancer Center, and our overall performance and care.”

The CoC survey assesses Adena’s cancer program on a number of ‘standards’ including: quality, research, continual goal setting and improvement, and survivorship. The CoC accreditation is a benchmark that shows Adena is delivering excellent care across the spectrum of a cancer diagnosis. This includes the program’s continued growth and adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of cancer care.

With this accreditation, Adena Cancer Center will be listed on CoC’s website in the, "Find an CoC-Accredited Program" section, making it easier for patients in the Health System’s region to find close-to-home, comprehensive cancer care. A CoC designation helps the public immediately recognize Adena’s commitment to patient-centered cancer care and quality. The next survey will take place in July 2017 for the 2014 through 2016 calendar years.

If you or a loved one are in need of cancer care, contact the Adena Cancer Center at (740) 542-3030.