Adena Physicians & Staff August 25, 2014

New Cardiologist to Offer More Options for Patients

Adena Health System continues its commitment to provide the best cardiology care in Southern Ohio with the addition of our newest cardiologist. Dr. Michael Bauml specializes in non-invasive cardiology, and comes to Adena with an impressive background of experience and training.

Dr.Bauml grew up in the Chicago suburbs and attended medical school nearby at Loyola University of Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine.

But, he says when he started medical school his first thought wasn’t Cardiology. “Initially in medical school I was interested in hematology/oncology, specifically bone marrow transplantation. Then during my 4th year of medical school, I did a rotation in the cardiac intensive care unit and I just loved it.  I then realized that I wanted to dedicate my career to Cardiology.”

That wasn’t the only big change; he and his wife also became first time parents with the birth of their first son during his fourth year of medical school.

So, with a new baby and new emphasis on heart health, Dr. Bauml was looking for an opportunity to really focus on cardiovascular care. The young family moved to Cleveland where he completed his Internal Medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic, and also was elected to stay for an additional year as Chief Resident. 

“Choosing Cardiology was reaffirmed through my residency at the Cleveland Clinic,” says Dr. Bauml. “Their Cardiology program was a main reason for choosing to do my residency there.”

During their time in Cleveland the family grew by one more, welcoming their second son.

Before coming to Adena Dr. Bauml completed a three-year Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Four days after beginning his fellowship, he and his wife welcomed their third son.

Now, with a family of three boys ages 7, 5 and 3, the Baumls wanted to move back to Central Ohio where his wife is originally from.  Dr. Bauml says he has found the perfect fit here at Adena. “I think it is a great opportunity to come to an area where there is a large population of people who truly need high quality cardiology care,” he said.

Because of his training, Adena will be able to offer Cardiovascular CT tests once again, and possibly start offering cardiovascular MRI tests in the future.

“These advanced imaging modalities add to the arsenal of options that cardiologists have in order to more accurately diagnose cardiovascular disease,” added Dr. Bauml. “The more different tools we have in our tool box, the better we can tailor our care to best fit the needs of individual patients.”

In his spare time, Dr. Bauml and his wife are very busy keeping up with three active boys. Their oldest son is now playing golf, and the other boys enjoy tae kwon do, swimming and other activities.

Dr. Bauml enjoys participating in sports including golf, softball, and basketball, and he is a big fan of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls and Bears.   

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