Adena Physicians & Staff October 26, 2017

Adena Welcomes Spine Specialist Dr. Matthew Santiago

Adena Health System is pleased to welcome Spine Specialist Matthew Santiago, MD to Adena Spine Center. Fellowship-trained at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Santiago is specializing in non-surgical approaches to treat patients suffering from spine, neck and back issues. These include physical therapy techniques, medication and spine interventions.

Prior to embarking on a medical career, Dr. Santiago was a student of Art and Design. While volunteering as an EMT with a local fire department, he realized his passion for Medicine, and his joy in helping others and made the switch to study Medicine.

A New York native, Dr. Santiago sees practicing in Chillicothe and south central Ohio as a natural fit for him. “While I was completing my fellowship in Cleveland, I ended up falling in love with Ohio,” said Dr. Santiago. “Coming from an area (of New York) with socio-economic challenges, I can relate to many people living in Appalachia. Here at Adena, I hope to serve patients in need of my care, and to have a positive impact on the community as a whole.”

Dr. Santiago earned his medical degree from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark, NJ. He then served his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Temple University Hospital/Moss Rehabilitation in Philadelphia, PA, before being accepting a spine fellowship with Cleveland Clinic.

About 90 percent of all back pain can be successfully treated without surgery using treatments such as: such as physical therapy, pain management, injections and sports rehabilitation.

Dr. Santiago is now accepting new patients. To learn more about Adena Spine Center’s services, visit To schedule an appointment, with Dr. Santiago or one of Adena’s spine specialists, call 740-779-7100.