Community News March 19, 2019

Adena to Serve as Platinum Sponsor for Buck Fifty Race

Adena Health announced today it will be a Platinum sponsor of the 2019 Buck Fifty Race to be held in Chillicothe, April 12-13, 2019. Adena becomes the event’s first-ever sponsor at this level in the race’s three-year history.     

“We are excited to expand our partnership with The Buck Fifty, and to be a proud supporter of an event that is making our region a destination for people from across the country,” said Adena President and CEO Jeff Graham. “We have seen the growth of The Buck Fifty every year; and fully support its efforts toward health and wellness, and its work in fighting the opioid epidemic and drug abuse in our communities through the Drug Free Clubs of America Program.”

The Buck Fifty is a 150-mile overnight relay race through scenic southern Ohio. The race is designed for five and 10-person teams to challenge themselves running through four state and national parks, country roads and historic Chillicothe. One hundred percent of the profits from the race stay local, going directly to sponsor every high school student in Ross County who would like to participate in the Drug Free Clubs of America Program.

In addition to Adena Health’s Platinum sponsorship, it will be providing health care providers at several checkpoints throughout the race to ensure the health and safety of participants.

“We are humbly grateful for Adena’s support for The Buck Fifty,” said Race Director Dave Huggins. “With Adena as our flagship Platinum sponsor, this will not only help us grow our race, but will help to support more than 2,000 members of Drug Free Clubs of America. We are changing the future of our region together, as a team. We are closing in on year three of The Buck Fifty, and I truly believe we are just getting started in what we can accomplish.”

For more information on The Buck Fifty, and to register for the race, visit