Community News April 25, 2018

Adena Health System Puts the “Green” in Greenfield

You may recognize the blue ENERGY STAR on your appliances, electronics, light bulbs and other products, but what does this symbol mean? ENERGY STAR certified products are ones that will save energy and save you money without any sacrifices in performance or your daily routine.

This certification is not just for machines and technology. ENERGY STAR is also a certification for buildings and businesses that meet strict energy performance standards.

 Adena Greenfield Medical Center (AGMC) has received Ohio ENERGY STAR™ certification for 2018, marking the 4th consecutive year it has achieved this benchmarking award. “At the time of our certification in 2015 Adena Greenfield Medical center was one of only five hospitals, and the only critical access hospital, in Ohio to be ENERGY STAR Certified,” said K.J. Crago, Manager of AGMC Facility Operations.

The Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) has assisted AGMC in acquiring rebate dollars after installing new higher efficiency rooftop air handling units. Recently, the OHA invited the hospital to be a part of their energy and sustainability program. “As a part of the OHA energy and sustainability program, they reviewed our annual utility consumption and also did a site audit to verify environmental factors such as lighting and air quality,” explained Crago. “The OHA then submitted that data on our behalf to be considered for EPA certification as an ENERGY STAR facility.”

To make a difference, AGMC has been strategically increasing overall energy efficiency as it maintains and improves facilities. Some improvements include:

·     Replacement of all roof top air handling units

·     Install low flow flush valves on all of commodes

·     Install higher efficiency water heaters, which have reduced the number of   units online from five to two.

·     Switch lighting from T-12 to T-8 fluorescent lamps

·     Install timer light switches in restrooms and added switching to lighting circuits that are not needed after normal business hours

·     Upgrade indoor can lights from incandescent bulbs to CFL’s and now working towards all dimmable LED bulbs

·     Upgrade all outdoor/parking lot lighting to LED lamps 

Future improvements scheduled for 2018 and 2019 include upgrading hot water boilers and HVAC air compressor to higher efficiency units as they come due for replacement.