Community News June 17, 2019

Adena Begins Parking Shuttle Services

Adena Regional Medical Center (ARMC) Vice President Karen Jenkins has announced that starting June 17 the hospital has begun free parking lot shuttle services. Two ADA-compliant shuttles are available to the public and employees with designated shuttle stops located throughout the campus’ parking lots and at entrances to the hospital, Medical Office Building and Health Pavilion.  

“As Adena continues to grow we have faced a long-time challenge on our Chillicothe campus with parking,” said Jenkins. “We are continuously monitoring and evaluating our parking situation; looking for the most effective and sensible approaches. Adding shuttle services at this time will not only make finding a parking space easier for our patients, visitors and employees, but it will also get you from your car to our entrances, and back, in the fastest and most convenient way.”

The new shuttle service runs Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Each vehicle is able to carry up to 14 people; and makes stops at each designated location approximately every 15 minutes. Complimentary valet services are also still available Monday – Friday at many of the hospital’s main entrances.   

As the new shuttle service begins, visitors will also notice a few more parking changes in the coming months around the ARMC campus. The hospital’s new West Entrance, and the adjoining visitor parking lot is scheduled to open in late August/early September. This addition will give patients and visitors an additional 80 parking spaces. 

The opening of these new spaces will be important because later this summer, Adena will break ground on its recently announced Orthopedic and Robotics Center, which will include a parking structure that will add approximately 300 new spaces. Construction of the new Orthopedic and Robotics Center will result in the closure of the parking lot located to the west of the Medical Office Building.

“We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during times of construction and growth,” Jenkins added. “Having parking lots that are full is a great sign that people are coming to us for their care.”