Adena Physicians & Staff March 16, 2016

Adena Celebrates Athletic Training Month

Adena Health System is proud to recognize and honor its Athletic Trainers during 2016 National Athletic Training Month. Adena provides the services of athletic trainers to 10 local high schools at no cost to each school district. The trainers work at their assigned schools every day, providing access to quality care for all student-athletes.

Adena’s Athletic Training Program includes: 10 athletic trainers at eight schools in Ross, Pike, and Jackson Counties. Schools where Adena athletic trainers work, include: Chillicothe, Adena, Huntington, Paint Valley, Southeastern, Unioto, Zane Trace, Waverly, Piketon, and Oak Hill. Adena also supplies trainers to the Chillicothe Paints Minor League Baseball team. 

Adena’s Athletic Training Program not only provides immediate care to the athletes, but also offers peace of mind for the students, parents, and coaches. “By being at the schools on a regular basis, and the parents seeing you at games and practices, they appreciate knowing there is someone to take care of their child in the event they become injured,” said Lead Athletic Trainer Shane Wells. “It’s a comfort for them to have trainers they can trust, as well as someone to talk to and navigate them through any care or recovery.”

The Adena Athletic Training program is vital to the success and safety of the region’s high school athletic programs, and is valued by school administrators. “I like having the immediate attention of an athletic trainer to assess the possibly of a severe injury,” said Jeff Reuter, principal, Piketon High School. “Having the trainers at the games to diagnose problems helps keep the kids a little calmer in a tough situation.”

Waverly High School Principal Ashlee Stulley added, “Having a trainer at our school helps parents, coaches and athletes identify serious injuries that need more in depth medical attention They help provide treatment for minor injuries, and our students feel secure knowing a trainer will evaluate them and provide necessary treatment and counsel if they need it.”

Overall, Adena’s Athletic Trainers work with an estimated 2,125 athletes each year in 22 sports. In 2015, the program had nearly 19,000 encounters among student-athletes and the community.