When you’re looking for a convenient place to pick up your prescription medications, the Adena Pharmacy is here for you.

Phone: 740-779-8760

Fax: 740-779-8769

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Located at the west entrance next to the ER at Adena Regional Medical Center, the Adena Pharmacy gives you the option to pick up your prescription before you leave our campus. Plus, as part of Adena, our pharmacy can typically fill prescriptions from Adena physicians more quickly than outside retail pharmacies.

In addition to providing the convenience of a one-stop shop, the Adena Pharmacy makes life easier for patients being discharged from the hospital. When your doctor orders the medications you’ll need when you go home, we fill the order and deliver your medications to your bedside. That way, you’ll have your medications in your hands before you leave the hospital. That means no need to stop on your way home. We’ve also found that when patients have what they need before they’re discharged, their likelihood of being readmitted to the hospital decreases.

A few other benefits of the Adena Pharmacy include:

  • We accept all insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • We offer medication therapy management for those taking multiple medications.
  • Pharmacy staff can assist in transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies.
  • You can wait for your prescription to be filled or pick up later that day (subject to medication availability).
  • Our expert staff is available to answer your questions.




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