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Involvement in community healthcare needs is an integral part of Adena Family Medicine – Piketon in Piketon, Ohio. Treating the whole family—from children to parents and grandparents—gives the family physicians first-hand knowledge of the family medical history. Caring for the entire family sometimes means talking to patients and their families in stressful situations and helping them through a crisis.

The doctors at Adena Family Medicine - Piketon are representative of the community they serve. They work as a team to assist patients in the office and in the hospital.  The primary care physicians with Adena Family Medicine - Piketon are board certified and remain current with recommendations for caring for patients of all ages and with a variety of chronic medical conditions.

Adena Family Medicine – Piketon can provide:

  • Home-town care: Many of the physicians are local and know the needs of the community. The staff and physicians are dedicated to empowering every patient with the knowledge necessary to make good lifestyle choices. Each patient is more than a name or chart number. The family doctors take time with their patients and listen to what the patient is saying.
  • Teamwork: Family medicine physicians and specialists work together with patients to assist them in reaching the best outcomes possible for their particular healthcare issues. Tying up loose ends and putting the puzzle pieces together in adolescent care, disease prevention, and conditions such as diabetes management improves the outcome for patients.
  • Advanced Care: Adena utilizes specialists in many areas and offers state-of-the-art medical facilities locally so patients do not have to go to a larger city for services.

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