As a volunteer, you provide invaluable assistance in patient care, outreach programs, delivery services and many other areas of our health system.

Adena can always use volunteers. We have opportunities that match your skills, so you truly can make a difference – in the lives of patients and in the overall health of our communities. As an Adena volunteer you will:

  • Gain new job skills
  • Earn valuable references for future employment opportunities
  • Put your values into action
  • Gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose
  • Make new friends
  • Build self-esteem

How to Volunteer

We’re so happy you’re interested in volunteering for the Adena Health System. We ask that every volunteer:

  • Be able to give four hours a month
  • Is at least 14 years old
  • Be willing to work in a medical environment
  • Is dependable, friendly and outgoing
  • Fill out the volunteer application

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities please call (740) 779-7526.