For Construction and Contracted Service Workers

At Adena, we strive to provide our patients with quality care and safe healthcare facilities.

You become a vital part of the Adena team when working in our healthcare facilities.  We make it our goal to provide our patients and guests with a safe and secure hospital environment.  When working at an Adena facility we expect you to meet our patients' expectations for outstanding performance. 

On this page you will find our Adena Construction and Contracted Service Training and links to documents that will help you while working at our Adena Healthcare facility.  We require all of our contractors to complete this orientation and the short quiz that follows.  This orientation will introduce you to Adena and inform you on what is expected while working at one of our facilities.

If you have any questions please contact your Adena Project Manager.

Construction Workers

Contracted Service Workers

Click here to read the Adena Construction Workers training guide. Click here to read the Adena Contracted Worker training guide.
Click here to take the required test for the Adena construction workers. Click here to take the required test for Adena contracted service workers.
Click here for the the Adena construction worker daily checklist.