Adena Community Health

To Heal, To Educate, To Care

By collaborating with health care providers, schools, community organizations and businesses, we are striving to provide the best opportunities for those in our communities to live healthier lives. Our community’s health needs are central to Adena’s mission, Called to serve our communities

For more information about Adena’s Community Health and our services, please call (740) 779-7573.

Online 2-1-1 Resource Directory

Provided through Adena and the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center, the directory provides free and easy access to information about community organizations, volunteer opportunities, special services for seniors, child care resources, food and shelter providers, local support groups, state agencies AND MUCH MORE!

Breast Cancer Emergency Assistance Available

Adena Health System is proud to be a 2021 Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio (BFOhio) grant recipient. Through the Adena Cancer Center, BCFOhio emergency funding offers help for Ohio residents who are currently fighting breast cancer, and meet program criteria.

Each year, grant funds go to several Ohio organizations to manage BCFOhio-supported emergency financial assistance. These monies assure breast cancer patients have access to emergency financial help to remove home and social barriers to receiving treatment.

As part of the grant award, Adena Cancer Center is required to assess the level of need among breast cancer patients in our communities, and the state of Ohio. Thank you in advance for participating in the brief survey below.

To learn how you can apply for BCFOhio Emergency Assistance, visit Adena Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Resources page or call (740) 542-3061.

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Community Snapshot for Ross County

As part of the Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, the IRS requires all 501(c) (3) health systems- with one or more hospitals, to complete a community health needs assessment for each hospital at least once every three years. The Community Health Needs Assessments provide an overview of the state of health-related needs in Ross, Highland and Pike Counties. Reports provide documentation and information relative to the communities’ highest priority health needs, which is vital in directing decision-making and collaboration to meet the paramount needs of patient in the communities Adena serves. 2019 Ross County CHNA Infographic.

Ross County Community Health Improvement Plan

The 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is Ross County’s roadmap to address the many health challenges in our community identified in  he 2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA). Given the scope and complexity of health challenges within Ross County identified in the CHA, the CHIP calls for cross-sector partnerships and alignment to meet a manageable set of goals to improve health outcomes for those that live in Ross County. By working together in partnership, our community can improve health outcomes by building programs, collaborations, and services through a focused effort on addressing the major health factors identified in the CHA. 2021 Ross County Community Health Improvement Plan.