Adena Community Health

To Heal, To Educate, To Care

By collaborating with health care providers, schools, community organizations and businesses, we are striving to provide the best opportunities for those in our communities to live healthier lives. Our community’s health needs are central to Adena’s mission, “To Heal, To Educate, To Care.”

For more information about Adena’s Community Health and our services, please call (740) 779-7573.

Online 2-1-1 Resource Directory

Provided through Adena and the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center, the directory provides free and easy access to information about community organizations, volunteer opportunities, special services for seniors, child care resources, food and shelter providers, local support groups, state agencies AND MUCH MORE!

Community Snapshot for Ross County

The Community Snapshot provides a summary of the county’s existing conditions and trends within three organizing categories: People, Prosperity, and Place. Each topic highlights only the most critical data points. These are the points that, when taken together, help to write the story of the broader community. Some are positive and can be considered strengths to be nurtured, while others may be negative and represent challenges to overcome. In all, the Community Snapshot should begin a conversation about where the community is today and where it hopes to go in the future. Download the Ross County Community Snapshot.