Community Health Needs Assessment

As part of the Affordable Care Act, signed into law in 2010, the IRS requires all 501(c) (3) health systems- with one or more hospitals, to complete a community health needs assessment for each hospital at least once every three years. This requirement is intended to support the development of community health improvement strategy and planning. In addition, these assessments can provide appropriate information, with which policymakers, provider groups, and community advocates can base improvement efforts.

During 2019, the Adena Health System/Adena Regional Medical Center - Ross County; Adena Greenfield Medical Center - Highland County; and Adena Pike Medical Center - Pike County, supported by its many community partners, completed its Community Health Needs Assessments. This was accomplished by completing an initiative to collect and evaluate vital statistics, demographic and public opinion data in the counties we serve.

The 2019 Adena Health System/Adena Regional Medical Center, Adena Greenfield Medical Center and Adena Pike Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessments provide an overview of the state of health-related needs in Ross, Highland and Pike Counties. Reports provide documentation and information relative to the communities’ highest priority health needs, which is vital in directing decision-making and collaboration to meet the paramount needs of patient in the communities Adena serves.

2021 Fayette County CHNA Survey

2019 Highland County CHNA

2019 Highland Implementation

2019 Pike County CHNA

2019 Pike Implementation

2019 Ross County CHNA

2019 Ross Implementation 

2019 Ross County CHNA infograph