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We believe that everyone in southern Ohio deserves access to the best healthcare, close to home

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Learn about our Give to Growth Campaign and Emergency Room Expansion. 

You know that many elements of health, healthcare and healing have profound and personal meaning. Individuals and businesses in the region benefit from high-quality healthcare nearby, and you have proven that you will contribute for worthy needs and the well-planned expansion of patient care services.

It is important to you and to our communities that we’re always looking to the future and finding ways to continue growing, expanding our services and making your care even better.

The Adena Health Foundation is focused on supporting the mission of the health system, “To Care. To heal. To educate,” and to be instrumental in creating healthy and thriving communities. By working together with us, you can help people in your community lead healthy and productive lives and be the kinds of places in which you want your children and grandchildren to live, work, and prosper.

Our first Board Chair, Dr. Keith Ames, said, “The object of citizenship is not to find the right place to live, but, rather, to make where you are living the right kind of place.” Giving to the right causes certainly helps make where you are living the right kind of place.

Because of you and other generous donors, essential financial resources are made available to the health system to keep your hospital locally governed and up-to-date with the latest medical technology. Donors really make the difference from having a hospital that is “good enough” to one that provides the best in what you need and expect.

Your gifts to the Foundation serve five important functions.  You help us…

Serve as a focal point for giving and supporting new health and healthcare initiatives.

Translate gifts into special projects that improve health and wellness.

Provide support for the unique needs of our patients who are your family members and friends.

Reduce the health system’s need to borrow for new facilities, renovations and equipment, thereby freeing up operating revenue for expanding what we can do for patients.

Be accountable to those we serve.

Powered by your contributions, we:

Completed our first capital campaign for $5 million to build and equip the PACCAR Medical Education Center for professional nursing and healthcare education. This Center is the tool that has propelled Adena to become a Teaching Hospital for third- and fourth-year medical students, medical residents, nursing students and students in allied health professions.

Gave more than $410,000 to the health system from your contributions to help build the new Maternity Center in 2010.

Gave more than $900,000 to the health from your contributions to help the hospital acquire in 2012 the $2 million da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, which has already benefitted nearly 1,200 patients and elevated Adena’s role in teaching surgeons from other hospitals in the use of this technology.

Provided funding for the pilot project that placed 12-Lead EKG units in volunteer EMS squads and trained Basic and Intermediate EMT’s to use them, which resulted in heart attack patients receiving faster care when they arrived at the hospital.

Provided Code Blue crash carts, automatic external defibrillators, transport carts and wheel chairs in public areas of the hospital.

Provided scholarships to students studying to become healthcare professionals… 62 students received a total of $85,400 in 2015!

Provided healthcare at no cost to those who could not afford it.

Contact the Foundation

Rebekah Clevenger
Development Director, Community
9 South Paint Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601