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Date Title Speaker(s)
2014/11/10  Contemporary Management of Brain Metastases

Ronald Warnick, MD
John Breneman, MD
2014/11/10  Ebola Update

David W. Towle, MS, MPH, DO, DME

2014/10/23  Non-Surgical Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Casey Chamberlain, DO

2014/10/21 Emergency Orthopedics: Orthopedics Eponymous!

Brad Goldman, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

2014/10/11  Chronic Pain Symposium: Wellness Perspective Dennis Hart, FACW

2014/10/11  Chronic Pain Symposium: Positive Pain Pathways Laura Smith, PhD

2014/10/11  Chronic Pain Symposium: Improving Outcomes In Chronic Pain Management
Update On Interventional Pain (1:01:14) 
Cleanne Cass, DO, FAAFP, FAAHPM
Kort M. Gronbach, MD
2014/10/07  Cardiogenic Shock Philliph Bialecki, MD, MHE, FAAEM

2014/10/01 Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension:
Advancing the Standard of Care
Haval Saadlla, MD

2014/09/12  Golden Hour 1: Teamwork, Resuscitation, & Stabilization J. Wells Logan, MD

2014/09/02 Troponins: How to Effectively Use Them Brad S. Goldman, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

2014/09/02  Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome and Therapeutic Hypothermia Judith M Knoll, DO

2014/08/28 Real Stories from the Adena ER James Flemming, MD

2014/05/29  Spine Board: Pain Management Complications

Dr. Malinowski

2014/05/16 Craniofacial Pain and Tempomandibular Disfunction (TMD) Jason Folk, MPT, MTC
Nancy J. Myers, DMD
2014/03/14 DVT Prevention & ACMS L. Wayne Coats DO, FACOI
Dr. Gregory J. Levitt, PharmD
2014/02/28 Best Practices Hepatitis C and HIV Co-Infection:
2014 Updates
Ellis Frazier, MD
2014/02/27  Infections of the Spine:
The Essential Spine Series
Ashish Upadhyay MD, MBBS, MS,
MRCS (Edinburgh)
2014/02/19  Management Aspects and Current Concepts of
Childhood Vesicoureteral Reflux
Daniel Herz, MD, MS, FAAP, FACS 
2014/02/14  The Formula for Defeating Sepsis

Jim O'Brien, MD, MSc
2014/02/11  Informed Consent

Brant Poling, Esq.
Andrew Good, Esq.