Leadership Development Courses

Developing tomorrow's business leaders today

Learn time-tested tactics for developing leaders in any organization. Our Leadership Development Academy will teach you how to accomplish extraordinary tasks through a road map of tools and resources to develop a strong, coherent leadership culture. 

Here’s what we offer:

Behavior-Based Interviewing

Learn the importance of the interview process and how to appropriately prepare for interviewing candidates. By the end, you’ll understand the behavior-based interviewing method and practice those skills by leading a mock interview.

Breakthrough Communication

Effective communication can improve teamwork, enhance work relationships and promote the sharing of ideas. Learn how to communicate using the Honest, Direct, and Respectful Communication Model and how to utilize emotional intelligence skills. Tools and models will be provided to help participants practice new skills in action.

Building Collaborative Relationships

Explore outside the traditional realm of teambuilding. This course explores the breakdown of silos across departments and organizations and teaches you to analyze how your own actions and behavior can impact the process and outcome of effective collaboration.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching (Eqi 2.0)

This fascinating course will help you recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect those around you. You’ll also take the Emotional Intelligence Assessment and receive personalized feedback from a Certified Coach. For additional details, download this guide. [link to PDF of Eqi guide]

Hardwiring Service Excellence

Create positive customer service experiences that are effective and sustainable. By analyzing your own impact and thinking critically about how to help employees become more customer--centered, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to collaborate with staff to make positive experiences stick.

Leading Through Change

Learn how to effectively lead change initiatives throughout your department and the organization and how to successfully overcome resistance to change.