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Playing to Win: Sports Medicine Can Get You Back in the Game

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A Care Driven Approach

While nearly one-third of all childhood injuries are sports-related, approximately 90 percent of all sports injuries don’t require surgery to heal.

Adena Sports Medicine’s care philosophy is driven by this same conservative approach to treatment. Unless an athlete has sustained a traumatic injury that requires emergency care, a sports medicine physician and a team of rehabilitation specialists see sports injury patients prior to the athlete visiting an orthopaedic surgeon.

Why does this matter? Besides treating the immediate pain and related symptoms, this athlete-centered approach enables Adena Sports Medicine to:

  • Discover and resolve underlying problems so they don’t recur.
  • Build a rapport with athletes to better address emotional and psychosocial aspects of care related to sports injuries.
  • Develop a plan for the athlete’s long-term sports health that includes strength, flexibility and stamina.

Taking the Lead

This focus on each athlete’s overall health is just one reason why Adena Sports Medicine is a trusted provider of dedicated athletic trainers for eight area high schools, as well as services like sports physicals and concussion management programs. And it’s why we’re frequently called upon to provide medical support and assistance for community sporting events such as Gus Macker Basketball Tournaments, youth soccer games, karate competitions, and cross country events.

Adena takes this responsibility to provide care—as well as education and support—seriously. That’s why we offer Saturday Morning Injury Clinics at the Adena Bone and Joint Center for fall sports, available to all fall high school athletes in our 11-county service area. Coaches across the region also count on Adena to help them maintain their educational requirements related to injury prevention, sideline first aid and more, through our coach clinics.

Adena Sports Medicine, a division of Adena Bone and Joint, includes team members from Adena Rehabilitation and Adena Athletic Trainers. Whether you’re an athlete or simply committed to an active lifestyle, we strive to help you stay moving and perform at your peak, with less pain.

Dr. Chamberlain and Dr. Schiffman on WBEX

Adena Bone and Joint's Dr. Casey Chamberlain and Dr. Eric Schiffman appeared on the WBEX Sounding Board to talk about prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Click the link below to listen.


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