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Eric Crawford, MD

Family Medicine
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Dr. J. Eric Crawford is a family doctor at Adena Family Medicine a department of Adena Pike Medical Center.  Dr. Crawford takes care of the whole family from birth to older ages.  He sums up his philosophy as: “Care is a team consisting of myself, my staff and the patient to improve the patient’s health.”  Dr. Crawford cares for his patients at Adena Family Medicine – Piketon as well as when they are in the hospital. 

As a family doctor, Dr. Crawford is able to treat the whole family – children, parents and grandparents – providing a connection with everyone in the extended family.  From the time Dr. Crawford held his first child, he has enjoyed working with his young patients.  He feels fatherhood has allowed him to become a better doctor to both the children and their parents by better understanding what they are trying to tell him.

Dr. Crawford is well known in Piketon and received many of his patients from hospital follow-up, recommendations from a friend or family member, or from participating in health screenings.  Dr. Crawford’s family practice includes well child check-ups, sports physicals, preventive screenings and preventive testing, as well as the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.   

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