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Adena Interventional Pain Management

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Specialties at Adena Interventional Pain Management

Pain Medicine

The board-certified pain management doctors at Adena Interventional Pain Management understand that chronic painful conditions require the use of a comprehensive plan of care with a multidisciplinary approach to achieve results. The sustainable care plans at Adena Interventional Pain Management give patients with chronic conditions plans that emphasize quality and safety.

Adena Interventional Pain Management, located at the Spine Center in the Adena Health Pavilion in Chillicothe, Ohio, believes in treating the whole person and takes the patient’s interests into consideration. This information is important in developing specialized programs that will help motivate healthy lifestyle changes, minimize the need for medications, and incorporate the best of interventional techniques to stabilize and promote improved function and better pain control.

In a one-on-one consultation, individual medical conditions are fully explained and treatment plans broken into three parts:

  • Personal empowerment
  • Medication
  • Interventional and surgical options

By offering advanced medical care with a community-based, friendly atmosphere, Adena Pain Management provides a wide array of interventional spine modalities and minimally invasive surgical techniques to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain. Therapies include:

  • Neuromodulation: Using neurotransmitter-specific medication to target chronic pain.
  • Intrathecal medication delivery systems: Used to manage very difficult pain cases not relieved by standard treatments. This treatment works well for patients with cancer, severe spasticity, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy, as well as for stroke patients.
  • Percutaneous facet fusion: A minimally invasive surgery for chronic low back pain that is not responding to more conservative therapies.
  • Spinal cord stimulation: A minimally invasive spine procedure used for neuroradicular pain from spine disorders, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and other painful neuropathies.
  • Other surgical options: Adena Pain Management can recommend a variety of other options, depending on the patient’s condition, with many resulting in limited recovery times.
  • Support services: Physical or occupation therapy, MRI and CT scans, operating room access, and consultative assistance within the Adena Health System. The coordinated services eliminate the need to seek treatment at multiple locations, which can lead to poor communication among physicians or the possibility of lost medical records.


Phone Number: 740-779-7460

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