For deserving students in our region who will become healthcare professionals…today, their future is in our hands; tomorrow, our lives may be in theirs.

Download Scholarship Application

Every year in March, Adena Health Foundation announces the availability of new scholarship guidelines and the application form. Since 2002, scholarships totaling $442,000 have been awarded to qualified students who wish to enter healthcare professions from our 12-county service region. Our only expectations are:

  1. Recipients are obliged to do well in school, graduate and practice faithfully their professions.
  2. Recipients are asked to first consider Adena Health System as your employer of choice.
  3. Recipients are asked to begin giving to the Scholarship Fund at such time in the future as you are able.

Today, the future of these students is in our hands; tomorrow, our lives may be in their hands.

Scholarships are made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Volunteer Advisory Council of Adena and The Women’s Board of Adena. Additional scholarship funds are made possible by generous contributions to the following endowments and funds:

  • Dr. James R. Manchester Memorial Endowment for Imaging Technology Education
  • Gordon F. Streicher Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Healthcare Scholarships Endowment (includes the Reginald C. Blue Fund bequest)
  • Volunteer Scholarships Fund
  • PACCAR Medical Education Center Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church/William Nolan Endowment
  • Stephen Fleischer Scholarship Endowment
  • Junior Civic League Scholarship Endowment
  • Eagles Aerie 600/Herbie Retherford Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Soon Phil Choice Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Radiology Technology & Nursing
  • Beth Ann Elliot Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Athlete of the Year Scholarship (Sports Medicine)

To learn more about the Adena Health Foundation or to make a donation, call 740-779-8755.