Residency Programs

Educating tomorrow's physicians

Thank you for your interest in Adena Regional Medical Center… proud to be one of America’s newest Osteopathic- only Training Centers. We welcome you to a residency program built for your needs, dedicated to superlative training, and built solidly on the premise that one-on-one training is vastly superior to all other forms of adult education.

The PACCAR Medical Education Center is truly a one-of-a-kind teaching facility.   The 18,700 sq. foot facility offers simulation training of all types and for all needs, ranging from advanced static models to quarter-million dollar advanced robots. We proudly support the State of Ohio’s largest medical simulation training.

Adena’s Mission Statement succinctly addresses our ongoing mission: “To Care, To Heal, To Educate, . The Medical Education Program is elated to fulfill (on a daily basis) the second component of this noble creed. The level of support from the Board of Trustees to the newest employee is astonishingly positive. 

Come to America’s Heartland; be close to home and family, train in an environment built for you so as to maximize your potential. And work in an advanced medical setting in a rural community just minutes

Our experienced staff is experts on the current Osteopathic training paradigm or OPTI concept, having worked at the national level for their implementation and having been intimately involved in their creation. Adena is affiliated with four Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, and this regional affiliation gives us national and international clout as we strive to optimize every aspect of your education.

As a resident, you are our “junior partner” in optimal health care. “Train as you intend to practice”, only work for perfection every day and in every patient encounter. That striving for perfect care will help you develop lifelong habits for state-of-the-art clinical care, research initiatives and meaningful lifelong learning habits.

We will let you stand on the edge and peer over the side into the unknown dark medical precipice, but will never let your fall.  Every aspect of your care is overseen by a Board-certified physician expert in that field., and experiential and hands -on-training are our primary methods of instruction.

All residents are required to be active in some form of clinical research. We have made that far more possible for you with the employment of a physician Research Director. Imagine being part of a research team using the only FDA-approved three dimensional wound care camera in the nation, or being part of an electronic-enhanced safety monitoring program in critical care, or being part of a research team measuring the impact of IEDs on our nations warriors. We fully expect that some American medical firsts will become common place at Adena. Our research scientist is affiliated with such national programs as Johns Hopkins, Walter Reed, DARPA, and the Institute for Surgical Research.

We offer a variety of training modalities ranging from direct patient care to advanced robotic interactions. Not only are you taught, but you are expected to actively teach, and all of our residents actively participate in ongoing noon conferences and professional development series.

The choice of a residency program is never a simple one when done correctly. If you understand that your medical school made you smart and that we will make you great, you can understand the” due diligence” that goes into your decision making process.

While we may be a relatively new program, our staff members are incredibly experienced when it comes to modern American Medical Training. The current DME and A-DME  were instrumental in the building of the very first MD-DO combined training program in civilian America and, in fact, this was the nidus for all “dual tract training” in the country. The DME has served at essentially all levels of internal AOA committee work and remains vibrant in the ongoing challenges and corrections our profession now faces. He built these new programs knowing full well that our profession as grown so fast that it will be impossible for all of our graduates to secure quality training positions. These Adena offerings are intended only for America’s best and brightest new Doctors of Osteopathy.

What does it take to be selected?

Adena participates in the ERAS and National Matching process.  As per any accredited AOA training program, you must have graduated from a COCA-approved and fully-accredited COM. You must have at least three letters of recommendation [preferably from a DO who knows you well], a Dean’s letter, official ERAS-purposes transcript, and your COMLEX scores. We look for how you present yourself in your personal statement, your involvement in academic and civic organizations, your volunteerism, and anything that sets you apart from the rest of your peers. I look for young proven leaders willing to serve, and young professionals proven to work well in group settings.

Having committed to training DOs, and DOs only, you must be prepared to be a great Doctor of Osteopathy on a daily basis, and that you will use effectively and continuously our unique patient-focused philosophy in all the care you render and how you interact with patents and their families. Osteopathy is both a noun, verb, adjective and adverb …you must be prepared to be a proud DO, or you should avoid this training site. 

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