Internships & Job Shadowing

Building the foundation for your healthcare career

We believe education-related visitor and student experiences enhance the learning and development process. We make it work through the Institute for Learning.

Making Connections

Our on-boarding coordinators work as communication liaisons for students, instructors and individuals interested in completing requirements from education-related visits to short-term shadowing/observation to long-term internships and practicums. 

They make sure our visitors and students are aware of our policies, procedures and expectations, and work with Adena physician practices and hospital units to arrange preceptorships and mentorships. Get connected with an on-boarding coordinator today.

Why We Do It

Providing internships and job-shadowing opportunities aligns with our mission “To Heal. To Educate. To Care.” It also helps ensure high quality patient care in our community and our region in the future—and helps us identify and train the very best for future recruitment to the Adena team.