The Virtual Hospital

Realistic training in a safe learning environment

Our premier simulation facility promotes a realistic, safe learning environment using simulators that mimic 70,000 human responses to medications, tests and treatments. These simulators can be used to teach both healthcare providers and students new skills, evaluate current levels of performance and promote team communication.

Through this incredible high-tech environment, you’ll:

  • Experience a variety of departments. The virtual hospital includes an emergency department bed, an intensive care bed, two med-surg beds, a pediatric room and even a crib.
  • Treat “patients” of all ages. With six simulators, ranging from infant to adult sizes, you’ll experience common scenarios and use equipment that is typically used in a live setting.
  • Perform multiple high-risk procedures. For example, you may practice defibrillation, chest tube insertion, needle decompression and intubation on one simulator.
  • Improve customer service. A nurse’s station can double as a front desk to focus on customer service training.
  • View and evaluate your performance. With the ability to record from any room or station, all simulations can be reviewed in one of three debriefing rooms.